Removals & Transport

The Problem

We worked with a transport and removals business to automate and streamline their workflow. Without a tool to support them, customers would need to get in contact with them, explain what service they wanted, where they lived, their property type, items needing transport or removal and when they needed it done. The business would need to take these details and manually work out a quote to give to their prospective clients. They also didn’t have a way to manage their driving staff and vehicles and were concerned about identifying any damages to their vehicles and when the damage happened.

The Solution

To streamline their process, we created a website with a quote engine that allowed customers to input all the necessary information and receive a free quote instantly with the ability to choose a date and book the service. By making it easier for their clients to get a quote and book a service, they boosted their sales potential. The business also saved time by having the system automatically take care of quotes and bookings so they could focus more on their work. The rules the quoting engine is based on are all configurable by system admins, allowing the software to adapt to the changing offerings of the business.

The software also includes an updatable library of items that the business removes or transports. This means that customers can easily click on a photo of the item they need transported or removed, making it faster and avoiding any miscommunication.

In addition to customer-facing features, we also incorporated a system for the staff to use that gives them access to their time sheets and earnings based on the hours worked. Staff can easily clock in and out before starting a job, with the system automatically identifying the vehicle they are using by scanning a QR code. Staff can also enter details about the mileage before and after the job and upload images of the vehicle used to keep track of any damage to identify who is responsible. This system can even work offline, with data being stored until the driver gains internet access to upload it.

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